Software To Tell You If You Look Fat In That

from the commercializing-weapons-technology dept

Well, it appears you may no longer need to ask a significant other or a friend if the new clothes you’re trying on make you look fat. A company is taking a weapons range finder system they developed for the military and turning it to more… commercial purposes. They’ve built the QinetiQ, a “smart” dressing room that uses lasers to measure your exact body shape (so closely that they claim they can tell twins apart) and recommend which clothes will fit your shape best. Of course, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near that machine when it does tell someone that a certain piece of clothing does make them look fat… There have been similar systems, but apparently this one is much more detailed and can be made incredibly cheaply. Of course, looking at a screenshot of how the software works, I can imagine that some people will also be shy to see a perfect replica of their body stored on a computer screen. Update: As was pointed out in a comment, my hasty read of the article got things a little screwed up and the company’s name is QinetiQ, not the product. Sorry about that.

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