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Didn’t we just have an article like this one? Well, here’s yet another article saying that more “non-techie” people are becoming increasingly tech savvy out of necessity. Since our computers are always crashing and breaking, more people are learning the basics about how to get our machines and gadgets to work, even if they have no formal training in it. As the article points out, this isn’t really a surprise – and the same pattern was seen in early radio hobbyist and automobile owners. Hopefully this means that we’ll reach the point someday when computers are a bit more reliable. In the meantime, the article suggests that even Microsoft is relying on self-taught techies to bail them out of having to support their own systems, suggesting those looking for tech support should check out online forums instead of calling Microsoft for help every time their machine crashes.

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

Technical Entropy

The more advanced a product becomes, the simpler its operation, therefore the less that people treat it as a “high-tech” device.

Will not the boundary between the net world and the real world fade, as net-based technologies infiltrate society? When will people have images or text radioed directly into their cranial nerves, so we can see and hear data from the net as we are walking around? Perhaps we won’t need a helmet, we’ll just have radio towers beaming thoughts directly to people.

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