Do We Want A Good Version Of The Internet Worm?

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For years, people have debated whether or not a “good Samaritan computer worm or virus” is a good idea. The concept is that the worm would go around and proactively plug security holes, making the whole world a better place. The con side, of course, is that it would be messing with computer systems without the permission of those who control them – and inevitably causing unintended (bad) consequences. However, this is the first time I’ve heard of such a virus in active use – as someone has apparently created an anti-MSBlaster worm that uses the same vulnerability to wipe out MSBlaster and patch the security hole. Or, at least that’s what it appears to do. Some are worried that this is actually a cover story to make people not so worried about it, while it also opens up a trapdoor for a hacker to later get into the system.

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Comments on “Do We Want A Good Version Of The Internet Worm?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Is it Mounds or Almond Joy?

I think technically, since so-called internet worms are structurally unicellular, therefore not eukaryotic, they would have to be considered spirochetes. Spirochetes have endoflagella that allow them to move like worms. A worm has tissue and organ structure, which these simple programs do not. Now, if there is a package of programs, like a roving Service Pack, then that could be called a worm. Yes, when we download SP’s into our machines, the Windows Update server is acting like a giant helminth that spews millions of baby worms.

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