Internet Job Boards Losing Their Usefulness?

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Back in the 90s, if you were looking for a job, it certainly helped to go online to look over job listings on websites and to use some of the brand name job boards. However, as more and more people got online, the benefits of using online job boards have dwindled. The problem, for most companies, appears to be that they’re inundated with resumes. The popularity of searching for a job online has made it so people find out about more jobs – but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it does a better job of setting up people with relevant jobs. I also wonder how much the simplicity with which people found jobs in the late 90s has played into this. Learning how to properly apply for a job in the late 90s wasn’t a skill that anyone needed. Companies were so desperate, they were just looking to hire anyone who bothered to contact them. So, these days, when it actually takes some skills to apply for a job, people are still sending in terrible cover letter emails and badly done resumes.

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Comments on “Internet Job Boards Losing Their Usefulness?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Standards never were lower

At least in the field I was in (Unix Administration), the good employers I applied for, I don’t think employers ever lowered their standards in the 90s. If anything, there was less sympathy for people who looked for their next job.

There were simply more scumbag recruiters, e.g. the housewife from Kansas who knows nothing about computers, who would snatch your resume off the net and fax it to companies all over the country. They just wanted the money.

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