Verizon Pushes-to-Talk, Finally

Well, here it comes, finally. After about ten years of Nextel being the only one to offer a “push-to-talk” solution Verizon will be the first competitor of that feature when they launch push-to-talk tomorrow. For all the hype surrounding the other carriers getting into the PTT game, it will be interesting to see how customers receive this. There have been stories (sometimes planted by Nextel) that all the other PTT solutions won’t work nearly as well as Nextel’s – since they’re all based on VoIP technology and will have longer setup times and lower quality (so they say). If Verizon is launching, they seem to believe their solution is “good enough”. Of course, with the increase in other features being crammed into mobile phones, it’s possible that the big push for PTT may be too late. People (usually companies) went with Nextel over others because of PTT as a differentiating feature. However, now that higher speed networks and various other features are being added by other carriers, PTT may no longer be such a big deal.

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