Turkish Mobile Company To Ignore $4 Billion Judgment

from the and-keep-the-$4-billion-themselves dept

We’ve covered the story of the lawsuit between Motorola and Nokia against a Turkish telecom company that “borrowed” $3 billion and then proceeded to use the money for personal reasons of the family that ran the firm. They had a history of doing so, but Motorola and Nokia seemed to ignore that fact. After realizing their money was going nowhere, the companies sued, and a few weeks back were awarded $4 billion. Considering the folks being sued didn’t even bother to show up in court (though, they did take out advertisements stating their case in the newspaper) it’s really no surprise to hear them say they don’t care about the judge’s decision and have no intention of paying. They say the judge was biased – though, they don’t seem to explain how that could possibly matter, considering the fact they borrowed $3 billion, didn’t use it as they promised, and then didn’t pay it back.

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