More High Tech Bullying

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Last year we had a couple of articles about how kids these days were using text messages to bully other kids. It appears that phenomenon has moved from the UK over to Australia where plenty of kids report receiving rude text messages. However, one other way of being bullied is to be “Nigelled”, where kids leave someone out of a text chat conference. The study found that parents and teachers, not being as technically savvy, weren’t exactly sure what to do to stop cyber-bullying. However, on the whole, it doesn’t sound all that different from regular, everyday schoolyard bullying, and I doubt that’s ever going to stop.

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Comments on “More High Tech Bullying”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Depends on advances in psychology awareness.

Psychologists have long known that kids are just as cruel as adults, if not more so. Childrens’ conscience is not as developed, so they commit more cruel acts without a second thought.

There is still a lag in public awareness; most adults still prefer to believe in the fantasy that kids are “innocent”. Kids are naive, yes, but innocent, no.

thecaptain says:

Re: Depends on advances in psychology awareness.


Kids can be very cruel, especially if unsupervised (ie: absentee parents who believe their kids are angels) or have personality problems (which can happen)

I found it interesting when the government here (I can’t remember if it was the Canadian or Quebec provincial government) launched a campaign against “bullying”, in was targetted mostly at adults and it was VERY creative.

The center piece was a tv commercial…it starts with a portly, plain guy, getting to a whitecollar job (white shirt, tie) who has to walk the gauntlet of co-workers who do things like call him insults (“fatty”, “nerd”), push him down, grab his lunch…etc..

Fade to black, message reads: Most adults couldn’t live through what some kids go through…stop the bullying (I’m paraphrasing, this is a while back).

I found it a very interesting way to get the message to parents who turn a blind eye by saying “Its just kids being kids”

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