I'm Too Sexy For Your Server

from the ain't-that-the-truth dept

With computers being brought down around the world today thanks to an overactive Microsoft-inspired worm, you would think that virus and security companies would have more important things to do than to hype up a complete non-threat. However, Sophos, has put out a warning concerning (get this) a new TV commercial starring Kylie Minogue dancing in lingerie. They’re afraid that the mad rush of Kylie fans will clog servers. Meanwhile, they’re also warning that because of this expected mad rush, virus writers will undoubtedly end up writing viruses that try to prey on those searching for Kylie Minogue in her panties. Sounds like someone at Sophos is a little too obsessed with Kylie Minogue. First of all, there are so many videos and other large files that get passed around, why pick on this one? Second, there are hundreds if not thousands of viruses that prey on people looking for images of famous people. Sophos feels the need to warn us of one that doesn’t even exist? And, if it does exist, who knows whether or not it will be even noteworthy. Yet another example of a virus company overhyping a non-threat to get some attention and keep people worried.

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