How I Became Hooked On Internet Poker

from the addictive-or-compelling? dept

Ever since a player who learned his poker playing skills on the internet won the World Series of Poker in May there have been a ton of stories about playing poker online. Here’s a good one written by regular poker player saying that many of the big name poker players now play regularly online, rather than going to casinos or local cardrooms. He points out that the game plays a bit differently online, and everyone, no matter how good, seems to lose a lot in the first month until they get the hang of it (though, you would think such losses would discourage people). However, once they get the hang of it, they all seem to get addicted (though, one guy who runs one of the services makes sure to use the word “compelling” rather than “addictive”). Some people are concerned about online cheating, or that the website owners will just run off with their money – but, as one person points out, they’re making so much money already, they have no need to run off with your money.

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