Goodbye To Hello In The Digital Age

from the formality-is-for-the-analog-world dept

Hello. Does anyone actually type “hello” and “goodbye” any more? It doesn’t seem to fit in a digital world with email and instant messaging. I know I tend to go with the much more informal “hey” and “later” when dealing with friends. A new study has shown that “hey” and “later” and plenty of other ways of saying hello and goodbye are taking over for “hello” and “goodbye” itself. One person in the article is quoted as saying that, fifty years from now, he doesn’t expect there to be any need whatsoever for hello and goodbye in digital communications. Goodbye.

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Comments on “Goodbye To Hello In The Digital Age”

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Anonymous Coward says:

This has happened before

In the age of telegraphy, telegraph operators invented all kinds of weird abbreviations to reduce keystrokes. Trendies back in the day inserted the weird abbreviations into their speech. The so-called digital age is repeating the same phenomenon. 99.9% of telegraph abbreviations are obsolete today. Those who insist on using the weird abbreviations of the era would sound quite foolish indeed.

DV Henkel-Wallace says:

there's still a need!

fifty years from now, he doesn’t expect there to be any need whatsoever for hello and goodbye in digital communications

Hey, in Japan I always start a phone conversation with “mush-mushi” (hi…or think of it as ASCII character 0x02 (STX — Start of transmission)). The compression code takes a moment to start up (it’s powered down until needed) so the beginning of the first syllable gets cut off.

I never had an i-mode phone, but this was true with all the PHS (i.e. DoCoMo) phones…if you have one try it!

And if anyone complains of you starting/ending a conversation with “hey”, just tell ’em you’re speaking Swedish.


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