Anarchist Web Site Lands Man In Jail

from the freedom-of-speech? dept

A man who put up an “anarchist” website with links to info on how to build bombs has been sentenced to a year in jail and told he can’t use a computer for three years. Now, building bombs, clearly, is a serious matter. But, this kid didn’t build a bomb. He didn’t even create info on how to build a bomb. He just created a website that linked to other info about how to build a bomb. I’m not sure why that should be illegal. He sounds like a young rebellious kid who thought that this sort of website was a cool thing to do, and didn’t really think much about what he was doing. Of course, post-arrest, he reverted back to scared young kid who agreed to a plea-bargain to avoid being charged as a “terrorist” and spending half his life in jail. Still, let’s face it, the kid didn’t build a bomb. He didn’t tell anyone to build a bomb. There’s no evidence anyone did build a bomb because of him. He just created a website with links. I’m sure if I looked (and I haven’t), I could find some pages about how to build a bomb and I could link to them. Why should that be something punishable with jail time?

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Comments on “Anarchist Web Site Lands Man In Jail”

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Anonymous Coward says:

There may be more to the story....

The article does mention that the guy was arrested for disorderly conduct at a World Economic Forum in NY. It could be that the court did not release all the details of the case, if it relates to investigations underway. For example, this guy may have taught bomb-making techniques to the Earth Liberation Front, known for their fondness for planting bombs in the mailboxes of professors they don’t like, staging surprise baseball bat attacks on pharmaceutical researchers they don’t like. Very often, bomb victims aren’t even the intended one, but the professor’s kid or something.

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

Welcome to the new america. All of our old arguments about freedom of speech/press and our american way of avoiding responsibility are going to be called into question since 911. If I gave a kid a gun and he shot someone with it, would I not be held responsible ? If I offered someone one to many drinks and they killed someone by driving afterwards am I not held responsible ?

If someone uses/used this kids web site to construct a bomb and then injured/killed others shouldn’t he be held responsible ? I say thee yes. While the information may be available from a variety of various sources, to collect it and make it easily accessable shows a great lack of responsibility and morals.

Let the kid spend some time in jail. Maybe next time he wants to rebel, he’ll pick something a bit more meaningful and potential less harmful to Others.

Common Sense says:


Do you not understand the concept of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY ?????????????????????????
If you drink too much and kill someone YOU ARE at fault….
If you decide to build a bomb and kill some one YOU ARE at fault …
God how I hate you whining ” no fault ” pansies …

Peteo says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

Better yet, if I buy a knife from sears, should sears be responsible for me killing some one with it?

This goes back to 1984, thought police where they don’t punish people by there actions, but punish people by their thoughts.

Im sorry I dont want to live in this type of world.

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