Red Hat Files Suit Against SCO

from the put-up-or-shut-up dept

Sick and tired of all the ridiculous moves from SCO, Red Hat has decided to do something and has filed a lawsuit against SCO asking the judge for a declaratory judgment that Red Hat has not violated any SCO intellectual property. They’re also setting up a fund to help back anyone who is challenged by lawyers from SCO over intellectual property found in Linux. This is, generally speaking, a good move. Part of the problem with this whole mess is that it’s dragging out much longer than necessary, and Red Hat is simply trying to push it along by forcing SCO to finally put up or shut up.

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Comments on “Red Hat Files Suit Against SCO”

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aNonMooseCowherd says:

of course it's dragging out.

Of course it’s dragging out. The whole idea is to prolong the FUD and scare everyone away from Linux. Why would SCO want to see the case resolved and have their stock price nosedive when they lose?

The more interesting question is whether they’re doing this own they own or whether Microsoft is bankrolling it.

Anonymous Coward says:

Of course it's dragging out

Of COURSE it’s dragging out. IP cases take YEARS to finish. What, you want them to play this out in a courtroom AND the media? I thought that’s what everyone DIDN’T want them to do. The religious right want to see examples. Fine, there are examples, but that’s not enough for the religious right. When IS it enough? The religious right have had a hate-on for SCO since I’ve been following this thing. What, if SCO aquiesces to the demand du jour, will the linux religious nuts actually not hate them? Of course not.

What do you think you deserve? This case isn’t about linux, despite what some talking head decided it was about. Read the documents that are out there, and you’ll find that the whole this is just about IBM – a company that used to look shady themselves, on occasion.

I know! SCO will claim to donate a million bucks to Linux development, instead launch a great big advertising campaign and also deface some sidewalks, and the linux freaks will love them, too! yay! Odd that the company that beat MS on the DRDos issue really can’t get a leg up, while IBM’s seen as gods for some thinly-veiled, retitled advertising campaign that YOU ALL FELL FOR.

Again: this is COURT CASE, and these things take TIME to resolve, unless you want them to try their case in the courtroom and in the court of public opinion, whihc judging from the enforced anti-SCO environment is a kangaroo court indeed. If it’s now honourable to hold trials in the public eye, then, by all means, I’m sure they’d like to get this stuff out. Maybe, though, they just may be waiting for the laboriously slow US legal system to make its ponderous way over to their case,

AND YOU SHOULD TOO, you arrogant, self-centred prick. Wait your turn, and read the 160 other chapters of the legal suit instead of just he slashdot-filtered version of 4 irrelevant clauses that happen to say something non-shiny-positive about your pet OS (for shock!)

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