Employees Discover That Work Is All Fun And Games

from the game-time dept

People have been talking about “e-learning” initiatives for years, and the success rates are never as high as people hope. Now, however, some companies are experimenting with a new method educating their employees, and are finding some impressive results. Instead of boring training sessions, they’ve told their employees to play online games. The company portrayed in the article developed a series of online games (mostly trivia-style games) that make it much more fun for the employees to learn important things about their offerings, partners and customers. They’ve also found some other, surprising results. The company has offices in three countries, and originally the three separate sites saw themselves as individual companies. However, the game required teams of players to be from multiple sites, so after the games started, the company found that people were better able to collaborate with their colleagues around the world. Sounds like a pretty creative use of the technology.

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