Overused, Misused Nano Becoming Pervasive Prefix

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A topic that we’ve discussed a few times before, but which the press is finally realizing (though, they’ll ignore it in the very next article about some “nanotechnology” company) is the fact that the “nano” prefix is being constantly misused. Companies everywhere are suddenly including the term “nano” in their company or product names, even if the products have little to do with real nanotechnology. At best, they’re usually just dealing with chemistry. At worst, they’re not even close to nanotechnology. However, these companies (or, at least, their marketing departments) think that it makes them seem more cutting edge, and in some cases it’s working.

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Comments on “Overused, Misused Nano Becoming Pervasive Prefix”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Such as Crichton's "Prey" novel

If the “nanomachines” in that novel are the size of human cells as he said, then they would have to be on the micrometer scale, and considerably larger than most bacteria.

Our environment is already filled with trillions of non-living, self-replicating nanomachines that destroy living cells, and some of them are killing people by the millions.

Munich says:

Remember "i" and "e" ".com"

Reminds me of the late ’90s. Every company being funded – and even a few established ones – started adding “e” or “i” or “.com” to their names and went public, or saw their stock go through the roof – even if the business had nothing or little to do with the internet.

This will be a trend as long as both the government and VCs advertise that they are funding “nanotech”.

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