Hutchison's Mobiles Give 3G Technology A Bad Name

We certainly haven’t been shy in pointing out where we think Hutchison has been (constantly) misleading and overhyping their various 3G offerings, but now it seems that even their (yes, clearly biased) competitors are getting into the act. Found over at the 3G Portal is this story that a spokesperson from Orange has publicly scolded Hutchison for giving 3G technology a bad name with their bad phones. I’m not sure it’s just the technology – but all of the “we’re changing the world” type hype that was pouring out of Hutchison in waves. Either way, following on all the WAP hype, someone, somewhere, should have known better. Still, let’s wait and see how Orange ends up hyping up their own offering when they finally get ready to offer it. If history is any indication, no matter what they say now, they’ll end up like all the other carriers and will hype up their own technology beyond its capabilities.

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