Digital (Fill In The Blank) Is On The Horizon

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The technology world may be struggling, the stock market may have been dragged down by the dot com bubble bursting, but for most people, there’s an ever increasing march towards using digital technologies. As the article points out: “the use and absorption of technology in society has not gone hand-in-hand with the psychology of investors.” Everything is going digital, and people are recognizing the benefits of digital technologies. Now, of course, the big question is just how mainstream digital technologies can become. There are plenty of annoying things that teenagers and early adopters will put up with – but they won’t fly for your average non-techie. So, the real challenge is for companies selling digital technologies is to make the technology part seamless. Of course, we’ve all heard stories like this before. Will people actually listen this time? So far, people have been buying all sorts of digital technologies, even though they’re complex and confusing (I barely understand how to work my digital camera, and I’m fairly tech savvy). However, in the long run, continuing to focus on so many features over ease of use will lead to a negative backlash against all this hyped up technology as well.

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