Yahoo! Searches For Yodeler

from the just-wait-five-years-and-sue dept

Yahoo! is known for the signature “Yahoo-oo!” yodel found at the end of all of their commercials. Last year, the yodeler who provided it to Yahoo! sued them for $5 million, after determining that the $590 they paid him in 1996 wasn’t enough. Yahoo! eventually paid him off to keep him from complaining any more. However, it’s clear that they’d like to distance themselves from the litigious yodeler, and are now starting a contest to find a new amateur yodeler. They’re running a little contest. Think of it as American Yodeler. The winner will appear in a commercial and receive $10,000. I imagine they’ll also have to sign fairly thick legal documents promising they won’t sue for five million dollars five years down the road if Yahoo! keeps using their yodel.

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