July Spam Captures Exceed All Of 2002

from the ouch dept

More evidence of just how bad the spam problem is. An admittedly biased MessageLabs claims that they’ve captured more spam in the month of July than they did in all of 2002 (and, I’ll note that we still have a few hours left in July). Also, this might be a bit misleading, since I’m sure MessageLabs filters a larger amount of email these days than it did last year. However, it’s pretty clear that the amount of spam is growing at a pretty quick clip.

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Comments on “July Spam Captures Exceed All Of 2002”

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thecaptain says:

No Subject Given

Amazingly enough my hotmail account is getting less spam these days. However that’s small comfort as the spam is down from 200-300 a day to 100-120 a day…still a ton and if I fail to log on every 2-3 days, the account gets deactivated.

My main email account however (which I don’t give out to anyone except friends and family and a few choice people) has gotten more and more spam in the last 6 months…from maybe 1-2 a day to 10-20 a day. So far my filters are holding up but just barely.

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