Meet The Spam Nazi

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Salon is running yet another spammer profile, this time focusing on a former neo-Nazi who has decided to build up a war chest for his “major public office” campaign by sending out penis enlargement spam. The article sounds outrageous, and since the reporter has a history of making up stories, I’m not sure I’d believe it. I’d like to make a plea to all the reporters who keep writing “spammer profile” stories. They’re not doing anything. A much more interesting story would be to track down some of the people who actually buy the crap spammers are selling, and figure out what’s going through their mind. Whacking them over the head wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

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Comments on “Meet The Spam Nazi”

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1 Comment
Michael Ward (profile) says:

Spammer or other profiles

Let’s have some profiles on the people who HIRE spammers.

Ask questions like, “Does it bother you that you are hiring people that will make you and your product hated? Have you ever considered a different career, such as selling illegal drugs or toxic waste?”

If people stop paying spammers the spamming will stop. It won’t stop just because most of us hate it, and it won’t stop because of some laws.

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