Portals In Space – The Mind Of Joe Firmage

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It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard from Joe Firmage, former USWeb founder and promoter of the idea that all our best technology comes from aliens. However, he’s apparently coming on strong with his latest startup, and News.com is running an interview with him where I think (maybe) he’s speaking in English. The words are in English, and the sentences seem to string together properly, but they don’t really add up to much of anything with meaning. He may be working on something significant (though, I doubt it), but he’s got to learn how to spell it out in a way that (a) makes some sense and (b) doesn’t sound ridiculous. Right now, he’s failing on both points. As far as I can tell (and it took me a few reads to understand), he’s trying to some sort of huge directory of things online, but each result will take you to a special 3D portal staffed by a handpicked expert or organization. And that will make him money by also somehow reselling dialup ISP service at twice the price of any other ISP. Or something. And, oh yeah, it will be run by a foundation because Microsoft is bad. Or maybe it has nothing at all to do with that, but he insists it’s going to be really really big. So big that it clearly goes beyond my ability to understand what he’s talking about.

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Comments on “Portals In Space – The Mind Of Joe Firmage”

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arcologyman (user link) says:

Re: bounds of the expressible

While I do not necessary take everything Firmage says at face value I feel the core points of what he is saying deserve further examination, with a critical but NOT a socially jaundiced eye.
These comments show a general disrespect for Firmage and people who put forward alternative and radical differently views of reality. These views contrast that what the corporate establish fills up our minds with and this is the real reason there is an incapacity of many to keep an open mind about UFOs and paranormal phenomena. People who conform to society’s definition of normal find it difficult to truly think beyond or outside the socially instilled box that makes up their reality.

Firmage is a romantic and his spiritual idealism is all the more interesting because regardless of his far out views he has had a tremendous ability to make money,and is investing much of that money to promote programs that he believes will create a better world. His mistake has been to speak on a level that people are not ready for. Which only proves my point that the world is not ready to accept the notion of UFOs or the paranormal, because it would of course turn their notion of reality upside down.


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