VCs Spending Again?

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In the last few months, the general consensus among venture capitalists was that it was (finally) time to start investing in startups again, rather than nursing along the few startups left in their portfolio that they believed still had a chance to maybe be bought out by a larger company. Now the numbers are starting to come in, and it looks like VCs really are investing in some startups, but a lot of the boost is coming from biotech investments rather than info tech. Information technology startups still took in quite a bit of money, but not noticeably different than in the previous quarter. Still, the recent bump in IPO activity, and general optimism in other areas of the tech economy suggest that VCs are really starting to open the vaults again.

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Comments on “VCs Spending Again?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Liquidity Equishit

VCs may or may not learn this time that biotechs take a decade or more to mature. Will they not fall for hype like Craig Ventner’s inaccurate human genome, which he claimed worked better than the government method — turns out it doesn’t, so government-funded universities are patching up after him. He claimed his published genome was a composite of 5 races, but it was really just himself. I can see VC’s still being very gullible to this kind of ignorance. This is a world where engineering graduates still swear up and down by the “benefits” of echinacea — proof of how intelligent, well-meaning people are still easily duped by the power of suggestion.

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