Atlas Of The Brain

from the how-to-get-here-from-there dept

Some researchers have apparently put together a fairly detailed atlas of the brain taken from thousands of brain scans, to let neurologists and other scientists have a basis of information on which to make brain-related diagnoses. They admit that every brain is different, but having this information as a “base” can be very useful in catching abnormalities early on.

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Comments on “Atlas Of The Brain”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

How about an Ass Atlas?

IT professionals and other people who have to sit all day get that scourge of the summer, sticking those pencil-shaped things in there, sitting on donut-seats, wondering about the effects on their masculinity. It might be interesting to compare the “average” hemmorhoidal flare-up pattern of an IT professional to other desk slaves.

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