Tommy Lee's Naked Eloquence On File Sharing

from the so-convincing dept

Part of the promotional campaign for the’s new BuyMusic service is to have well known musician Tommy Lee posing naked on a huge billboard in Times Square to “make the case” that downloading music on file sharing services is bad. I’m not exactly sure how a naked Tommy Lee proves that file sharing networks are bad, but I guess I just needed to hear his convincing argument. Tommy Lee was on hand to unveil his nakedness and told everyone, “when people steal music, it sucks.” Aha. Case closed. Is he trying to tell us that if we went out and bought his music he’d keep his damn clothes on? Meanwhile, as more details come out about it sounds like a weak copy of the other, dreadful music services that are already out there. They’re being incredibly misleading in their advertising, and are offering digital music in restrictive formats. The advertisements say songs are $0.79, but they actually range from $0.79 to $1.29 – and most of the popular songs are on the higher end. Also, there isn’t much you can do with the song once you download it. You’re limited in ways to get it off your computer. You can only burn it to CD a limited number of times, it can only be played on a single computer, and they won’t work on most digital music players. This really doesn’t sound all that different than the old, dreadful, PressPlay – just without the subscription fees. So, no Tommy, the fact is, when the music industry puts up awful attempts at offering music where they do everything possible to restrict the consumer from actually listening to the music – that sucks.

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Comments on “Tommy Lee's Naked Eloquence On File Sharing”

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Adam Haberlach says:


At least they are trying. You complain that $1.29/track is too much, but it seems that you will not be satisfied until all music is absolutely free. That’s not a market. While you, as a consumer, help to set the price, you cannot demand that it meet your needs so long as there are other pressures involved.

It still sounds like this is progress: it is per-song, you can burn CDs, and they are at least acknowledging the existence of digital players.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Shrug.

Any network like this is by definition competing with the open networks. In order to convince people to pay for something that they can get for free, the network has to offer something that the open networks don’t at a price that the consumer will be willing to pay. They can set their price as high as they want, but if large numbers of people don’t think it’s worth the money, the company will fail.

There are really only three main areas where a proprietary network could beat the open network: reliability, size of catalog, and guaranteed file quality. If any of those things is lacking, their value proposition decreases proportionally. A restrictive file format also lessens the value proposition because it makes the for-pay file less desirable than its free counterpart.

The market will set the price eventually, but I’m betting $1.29 is too much. In fact, I suspect $0.79 is too much for a service with this many flaws.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Shrug.

My argument is not that all songs must be absolutely free. My argument is that they’re not going to convince many consumers to stick around very long if they have restrictive and misleading policies in place.

I’m looking at it from a business perspective, and these companies are misleading and angering potential customers when they have other alternatives. That’s just not good business.

Mark F says:

Re: Re: Shrug.

Comments by the site’s founder in various article indicate they he wants the same type of deal as iTunes has but he could not get the music companies to agree to it. I doubt any business plan starts with, “make it the same cost as our competitor but more annoying to use.”

Hopeful the music companies will come around.

Anonymous Coward says:

Why iTunes and BuyMusic don't work for me...

First: I don’t use credit cards. Not even debit cards. …and until there is a good anonymous, easy to use, cash to credit and back again system usable with the Internet, I won’t ever.

Second: Why in bloody hell would I pay $1 a song, when I can rent and rip for almost the exact same price.

Third: The cat is already out of the bag. The RIAA will fail with their scare tactics and there will still be file traiding 1 year from now, 5 years from now and 10 years from now….

1337kr3w says:

Re: Why iTunes and BuyMusic don't work for me...

i will never feel sorry for guys who complain the ylost half there profit,,so the yhad to settle for 3 million dollars ONLY,,boo god damn hoo. There producy is that much because there “PEOPLE” told them to make it that much,,now we all know its 10 cents a cd-,,and they have music “PROFESSIONAL” software that could alot of what the machines do.i SHARE with a smile.

1337kr3w says:

Re: Why iTunes and BuyMusic don't work for me...

i will never feel sorry for the pimps and hoes,lol, who complain they lost half there profit,,so they had to settle for 3 million dollars ONLY,,boo god damn hoo. There product is that much because there “PEOPLE” told them to charge that much,if they werent trying to get rich in one yaer,i might feel different, you know if they actually worked year round for twenty years,now we all know its 10 cents a cd-,,and they have music “PROFESSIONAL” software that could alot of what the machines do.i SHARE with a smile,and ecnourage more people who do!

Jamm says:

Re: Why iTunes and BuyMusic don't work for me...

I completly agree, File sharing will always be available, most people prefer ‘ free ‘ music ! The RIAA, with a little help from Metallica, thought file sharing would fade, after the whole Napster shutdown. It didnt work, It just gave others more insentive to create a new file sharing programs. Free vs Pay ? Free will always win here.
Why even consider the cash to credit system ? those who choose to pay $$ to download ? Just get some good free ones, from a choice, popular sharing tool. theres many available. Download, Burn , Delete, and call it , a great mix !

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