Greece Warned (Again) Over Gaming Mess

from the slow-to-realize dept

The Greek government certainly seems a little slow to get it. First, they banned video games. Even though everyone told them it was ridiculous to do so, police still went ahead and arrested internet cafe owners for having people playing chess on their computers (the horror!). The Greek courts smartly tossed out the cases and declared the law ridiculous (not in those terms, but close enough), but the Greek government doesn’t seem to care. The EU told Greece that this law was dreadful and they need to change, and the Greek government shrugged. So, now, in true Monty Python fashion, the European Commission has warned the Greek government again. Considering the fact that nothing happened last time, it’s unclear what good this will do. Even someone in the article points out that it’s unlikely the Commission will do any more than continually sending out angry statements against the law.

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Comments on “Greece Warned (Again) Over Gaming Mess”

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george dafermos (user link) says:

Re: Brothels Yes, Video Games No

oh yeah! I’m Greek and to tell you the truth i feel that brothels provide a social service in terms of preventing sexual related crimes from occuring at the first place, not to mention that it’s safer this way coz prostitutes go through regular hygiene checks and so forth, so i’m not opposing to the notion of brothels in greece.

however, contemporary greek culture (and society accordingly) seems to suffer from a sort of false conscioussness syndrome: internet penetration is low and none seems to bother about it, epsecially that national greek provider, banning video games is reckoned to be logical and responsible, and basically many things are fucked up.

For instance, i ‘ve been living in greece for the last 8 months or so, and the first thing i had to take care of when i arrived was my internet connection. at the time, the best choice was ISDN and they’ve only recently rolled out ADSL, and the thing is i went to OTE which is the national greek ISP and they tried to convince me that they owned the Net!!!!! i thought otherwise and told them so, but in vain. Are those people for real? oh yes…

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