Scientist To Create Haunted House

from the all-in-the-name-of-research,-of-course dept

Yet another researcher gunning for an igNobel prize, it appears. A professor in the UK is trying to put together a “haunted house” which he’ll use to study how people respond to “haunted” situations. He’s already studied people at other locations where popular perception was that they were haunted – but wants to build his own setup, so he can account for everything. He’s apparently still searching for the right house (how would you like to be that guy’s neighbor?). Anyway, it appears he has a history of studying slightly odd topics – such as “luck, superstition and fake psychic phenomena”.

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Comments on “Scientist To Create Haunted House”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Just like Taos Hum?

People who hear the echo of their breathing or heart beat through the bed springs are convinced they are hearing some sort of supernatural sound.

Oh, the fun to be had with physics. Make refrigerators slide across the kitchen because of sinking land. Make fireballs fly around in the backyard because of poor sewage ventilation. Make fish bowls next to the window spontaneously start fires, because of the sun shining through the giant convex lens called the fish bowl. Make mysterious singe marks appear on the wall too! Cheap wooden beams make lots of creepy screams and laughs when the temperature falls at night. Unless of course, you want to spook your neighbors by shining a laser pointer through their bedroom window at night.

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