Domain Registry Claims Blackmail Threat

from the not-the-smartest-move dept

Generally speaking, if you’re caught red handed in a spam scam, it’s best not to threaten those who cut you off with another spam attack. However, no one ever said that spam scammers were very intelligent. A guy who was running a scam to trick people into paying him to renew their .biz domains was taken offline by NeuLevel, the registrar he had used (and whose customers he was spamming). When the guy discovered this he called them up and threatened to continually spam all of NeuLevel’s customers, telling them their domains were about to be deleted. Apparently thinking a spoken threat wasn’t enough to get him in trouble, he emailed the same threat – telling them if they didn’t put his website back online in 20 minutes, he would begin his spam campaign which he said would flood NeuLevel with angry phone calls. NeuLevel, of course, took the info and promptly alerted other registrars, their own customers, the US Federal Trade Commission and the UK police.

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