Michael Jackson Slams The Idea Of Putting File Traders In Jail

from the surprise-surprise dept

Well, I certainly wouldn’t have expected this. Michael Jackson has come out today saying that he’s against new legislation that would turn those who use file sharing networks into felons, and could put them in jail. He’s quoted as saying: “Here in America we create new opportunities out of adversity, not punitive laws and we should look to new technologies, like Apple’s new Music Store for solutions. This way innovation continues to be the hallmark of America. It is the fans that drive the success of the music business; I wish this would not be forgotten.” Sounds almost reasonable.

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Comments on “Michael Jackson Slams The Idea Of Putting File Traders In Jail”

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Con Tendem (user link) says:

how exactly

how exactly is Apple Music Store new technology or innovative? Moreover, notice that by paying $0.99 per song I am still paying $15 per CD, not $0.00 or even $1.00, but almost store price. It is almost as if he was encouraging people to use the one online music service that does not offer significant savings to consumers.
Since I am not paranoid, I am not going to actually subscribe to the thought above. However, I do have to note that Jackson is one artist who stands to gain a great deal from services like iTunes. He has had a lot of hits, and is still rather popular in a lot of places. He also owns rights to a lot of other people’s music, like some Beatles stuff he bought from Lennon (I believe). Easy access to his catalogue can only help him, especially if it is a $0.99 per track of “Thriller”

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