ISP Gives Out Free Username And Password To Use Up Excess Time

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Ryan writes “ appears to have made an agreement with UUNet requiring a certain number of hours. Now that they may not hit it they are giving out a username and password to the public to get on and use their service.” I don’t know any more than the info submitted by this anonymous poster or what’s on that page itself, but it is a bit curious. I guess they had some sort of peering arrangement that requires a certain level of bandwidth to keep it up. So, between now and the end of the month, they’ll let anyone use their service, anonymously, for free. Of course, this might just be a sneaky promotional deal to get more people aware of a small ISP I’ve never heard of.

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Comments on “ISP Gives Out Free Username And Password To Use Up Excess Time”

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Anonymous Coward says:


Was i that posted this.. No it is not a promotion stunt. YNP is generally an aggregrator (it sells service to the small isps) and they have to use up the large number of hours they have to avoid penalties. Since most people see free internet, sign up now and right away get asked for a credit card we decided just to give out a username and password. These are good on all 1555 UUNet numbers in the US and Canada.

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