Anti-RIAA Protests Begin

from the really? dept

Here’s an article claiming that people are starting to take to the streets to protest the RIAA’s decision to start suing everybody for downloading music. It sounds nice, but I have to wonder how many people are really participating. Is this the sort of cause that people would really rally behind? I’m not so sure. The article seems to quote only the very outspoken head of Grokster, Wayne Rosso, and doesn’t provide much info about these protests. The article also quotes Ross disputing recent reports that people have been logging off of file sharing networks due to the threat of being sued. He says the Nielsen study that suggested this was so was taken over the July 4th weekend, when network traffic was naturally lower since many people went away on vacation.

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Comments on “Anti-RIAA Protests Begin”

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Jeremiah (user link) says:

RIAA is not allowed to visit...

I think what they’re talking about is the growing number of website admins that have taken the step of literally blocking web access from RIAA’s known domains and IP addy’s.

Speaking for myself, i’m on the server’s help pages right now finding out how to configure my shiat to give any RIAA visitors a nice “FU” screen.

Magnanimous Computron says:

Re: Re: RIAA is not allowed to visit...

Can we start a class action law suit against the RIAA?

Why are they not bringing suits against people who use cassette tapes and tape off of the radio?

If I record some tunes from the radio in my portable MP3 player and give you a copy of the song by hooking up MP3 Player to MP3 Player, can I go to jail?

If I let you come over and copy my CD collection while drinking beer over a weekend, will the FBI take me into custody Sunday morning.

This madness has to stop somewhere!

Censorship? What about artist contributions to Music that are no longer profitable for the recording industry?

The RIAA has to be stopped for the simple preservation of ART.


anti commie says:

riaa are communists

I was just wondering about this riaa thing and I have noticed that they screwed our first ammendment rights, is’nt that a violation of the constitution? Is’nt that a form of communism??

If I get charged I’m taking a trip to riaa HQ, they better have fucking armed guards willing to die for thoes commie fucks!!

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