Videocams Record Airline Flights

from the we-know-where-you-are dept

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the odd story of Southeast Airlines possibly putting wireless access on board via a company named SkyWay. The details were sketchy at best and it didn’t sound particularly realistic. However, it appears that SkyWay and Southeast Airlines have cooked up another technology scheme in the process. They’re going to install video cameras throughout their planes and record everything that happens in the cabin. They say they’ll store the video for up to 10 years, and are thinking about using face recognition software to match people to their actions on the plane. SkyWay even says that Southeast has the option of having the cameras be hidden, so people wouldn’t realize they were being recorded. There are certainly some privacy implications here, but I wonder whether or not the announcement is really true. After seeing their earlier, misleading, publicity seeking announcement, I’m wondering if this is just more of the same.

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