Low-Budget Reality DVDs, On Sale Everywhere

from the this-generations-funniest-home-videos dept

When America’s Funniest Home Videos was the biggest thing on television people used to talk about how people were filming stuff all the time, just to send it in to the show in hopes of winning a prize. Analysts said it was a natural result from having cheap video cameras available for everyone. So what’s the natural result of having cheap production tools and equipment as well? It appears that the popular thing to do these days is to film events and put out your own “reality” amateur DVD for sale. Forget waiting for a prize from some game show – go for the prize in the market of people’s dollars. The article starts out talking about a popular DVD that’s being sold in local high schools covering a recent fist-fight between two cliques of female students. Others are going around filming local musicians and parties, and then putting out DVDs of them. They say some kids get nervous anytime they see anyone with a video camera and ask “is this going on the internet?” It fits with earlier stories about surveillance cameras – except, now, it’s no longer surveillance cameras, but your best friend’s video camera that may cause you to have an unwitting starring role in a popular DVD.

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