Motorola Flirts With Nextel's Competitors

Nextel has always been very dependent on Motorola – and, while Motorola isn’t as tied to Nextel, you generally don’t want to piss off one of your biggest customers. However, part of what made the Nextel/Motorola iDEN system so popular was the push-to-talk feature that was ignored by other wireless carriers for so long. These days, however, “push-to-talk” is what everyone’s talking about, and Motorola wants to supply the technology to carriers rather than letting a bunch of random startups steal the potential market away from them. Of course, Nextel keeps claiming that these inferior competitors will never stand up to their push-to-talk solution – but that may be tough to prove if Motorola is supplying the technology for both. Motorola and Nextel claim there’s no tension between the two companies, but analysts doubt that’s true.

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