Play Dick Tracy With NTT DoCoMo's Wristomo

In the past, I’ve been pretty negative about the concept of the wrist-watch phone, but people keep telling me I’m crazy (and they might be right). Apparently, NTT DoCoMo has found a ready audience in Japan, as they’re being snapped up at a rapid pace. However, here’s a review of DoCoMo’s Wristomo that suggests the novelty wears off after a bit. While it’s nice not to have figure out where or how to carry the phone, using it as an actual wrist-phone (a la Dick Tracy) isn’t practical in most situations. The nice thing is that it pops off your wrist and becomes a regular phone pretty easily – but if that’s how you’re going to use it, why buy a wrist phone in the first place? Also, because of it’s wristwatch nature, it appears to have other limitations, such as very weak data input mechanisms. So, for now, it appears to be limited to the early adopter “look how cutting edge” fashion set. However, over time, I imagine many of the limitations will be worked out, and maybe (just maybe) a wristwatch phone will be a practical purchase, if only to avoid having to dump your mobile in your pocket (clunky) or put it in a belt holster (geeky/ugly).

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