Innocents Suffer In War On Spam

from the false-positives dept

For all the articles about how many spam solutions are worse than the problem, nothing seems to be changing. If anything, things are just getting worse. Here is yet another article talking about how innocent users are being made to suffer in the war on spam. It talks about the annoyance factor people have to go through to jump through challenge-response hurdles, as well as the number of people who get unfairly put on spam blacklists through no fault of their own. I still think it’s crazy to completely block out email using a spam filter. Currently, I’m using 3 different anti-spam systems, and all are designed to reroute the mail to somewhere I can deal with it more carefully. About once a day I can skim the messages and make sure there were no false positives, and then do a “delete all”. Still something of a nuisance, but it definitely cuts down on the annoyance factor and time I spend dealing with spam – and, most importantly, I’m still getting my email.

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