Life, Without Possibility Of Email (Or Any Internet Content)

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In Connecticut, officials are saying they’re going to start monitoring prisoner correspondences with “prison pen pal” sites. This is in response to the somewhat horrifying revelation that a man serving a sentence for killing a young girl he met over the internet, was online seeking women pen pals from prison. While it’s a bit shocking that Connecticut prisons weren’t already monitoring such content, some states have gone to the complete opposite extreme. Salon has an article saying that the California prison system forbids all internet-based content from entering the prison. That means you can’t even print out an email or a webpage and send it into the prison via snail mail. To most people, this doesn’t make any sense. One prisoner is suing about it. California prison officials say that it’s to prevent prison workers from being overworked dealing with all the internet printouts flowing into jails. They also bring up the obvious panic-button response: security. However, these excuses don’t ring true. There’s nothing “secret” that could be presented on a website that couldn’t be written out by hand. Also, there are plenty of other ways to limit the amount of incoming snail mail. Some believe the real reason is to prevent a situation like the one in Connecticut. Prison officials don’t want their inmates to even have remote access to prison pen pal sites, which are, apparently, growing in popularity.

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Comments on “Life, Without Possibility Of Email (Or Any Internet Content)”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

When you are convict of a crime you go to jail and lose certain basic privelages. I’m tired of prisoners talking about their rights. They violated someone elses therefore there’s have been removed. Yes, that should mean most/all of internet content. I’m tired of paying the housing bill for the criminals. I sure as hell don’t want my money going to filtering software and/or surviellance software so prisoners can use the net. What ever happened to the concept of doing ‘HARD’ time. Now it’s more like staying at a holiday inn.

Norma Trevino says:

Re: No Subject Given

Okay, here is something to think about. What if it were you in prison, would you feel the same way? Would you want to be cut off from society? And don’t tell me you have never done anything wrong, if so then you are not human. THE FACT IS, MANY PERSONS IN PRISON ARE THERE BECAUSE NO ONE GAVE A DAMN ABOUT THEM TO START WITH. everyone deserves a bit of dignity and friendship. When you stay at a Holiday Inn as you claim it is like, do you have someone monotoring your every move and telling you what you will and will not do? Believe me, these men and women are doing HARD time. Try living a day in their lives. You might change your mind. I am tired of you and you talking trash about other people. Why the hell do you have no heart left and no love and compassion inside. Even God forgives and loves, as He commanded us to do. When it comes to the race, remember there is only one race, not black, not white, prisoner or non prisoner. There is the HUMAN RACE. Get a life and get some love in your heart.

Rachel says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

Why should anyone in Prison have a right to do anything? you said well how would I feel if I was in prison? I would feel like shit! and you know what? I SHOULD FEEL THAT FUCKING WAY!!!! I think anyone in Prison is in there because they put THEMSELVES in there not because no one gave a damn about them in the first place- that is such a stupid thing too say that gives people in prison shit too argue about- if you kill someone or did some thing bad enough to land yourself in Prison- YOU did it- you should NEVER blame someone else for YOUR ONE actions- that’s just ignorant- have a heart and some compasion for people who stand up for themselves and take the heat for the shit that they did instead of crying over pewople in jail- BOO HOO- they did the crime- they do the time. PERIOD!

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