Hello, It's Your Favorite Song Calling – The Ring Back Tone

It appears that people are going to figure out a way to charge for just about anything when it comes to mobile phones. While most people, by now, know about the popularity of customizing your phone with different ringtones, how about customizing the “ringback tone”. It turns out that the ringback tone is the normal “ring ring” noise you hear in your phone between the time when you dial, and when whoever you’re calling picks up. Now, some enterprising companies have realized that they can replace that noise (at a fee, of course) with whatever sound you’d like. So, instead of hearing “ring ring”, anyone who calls you can hear your favorite song for a brief snippet, until you pick up the phone. To keep it from getting too confusing, many companies still overlay a quiet “ring ring” sound. Otherwise, many people think they’ve been put on hold. At least, with this, you’re not necessarily annoying the people around you. You’re just confusing the people who call you.

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