Stolen Mobile Devices Leave IT Managers Red-Faced

A study from a company that provides help for companies to build security into their mobile strategy (in other words, the study is heavily biased) has come out with a study saying that (guess what!) most companies have a security risk in their mobile device strategy. They point out that many companies have no mobile device security strategy, which becomes a problem when the PDA with all the top-secret corporate data in an unprotected format is left in the back of a taxicab. From the study, it appears that the back of the taxicab is the preferred place to lose your mobile device. The study suggests that IT managers may end up taking the blame for not properly coming up with a security strategy. That seems a little far-fetched – as most normal people will blame the person leaving the damn device in the back of the taxicab, and not taking the most basic steps to secure their own data.

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