Identity Theft Goes To Work: Is Your Employer Leaking Your Data?

from the coming-from-all-angles dept

As identity theft grows into a larger and larger problem, it’s becoming increasingly clear that all the standard tips for helping you avoid identity theft are pretty useless in most cases. We’ve already discussed how many identity theft is committed by people with inside access, such as those that work at credit bureaus, or have easy access to credit reports. However, another “out of your control” area that may be making it easier for identity thieves is your employer. It’s becoming increasingly common for identity thieves to focus on the workplace, because corporations are notoriously bad at protecting the private info of employees. This includes anything from paper files left in an open filing cabinet, to computer files that anyone on the network can access, to simply tossing out the trash with all your personal info for a dumpster diver to pick up. If your employer leaves open your data to an identity thief, can they be found liable for any of the damages?

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