New Anti-Spam Hurdles Bad For The Blind

from the oops dept

It’s becoming increasingly popular for sites that have sign-up options to include special visual hurdles (often called Captchas) that require a human to type in a series of random letters shown in a randomly generated image. The idea is that this requires a human to decipher, and makes it much more difficult for an automated system (such as a spambot) to register. The problem with this, is that it actually requires a human with sight, and people who are blind are not at all happy about it since they’re left out. Some sites try to offer an audio option as well, but those apparently don’t work very well either. Some advocates for the blind say that these new visual sign-up processes may actually lead to legal problems for companies for failing to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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Comments on “New Anti-Spam Hurdles Bad For The Blind”

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1 Comment
VonSkippy says:


BooHoo, another poor story about how one aspect of life is not available for a certain segment of the public, and how we should all bend over to accomadiate them.

Since there is no logic in that policy, I can’t wait to become the newest member of a professional basketball team after they have to accomidate people who are short, can’t jump, and have no concept of how to shoot the hoops. After all, fair’s fair, and I can’t believe they have the audacity to require their players to have certain skills and abilities.

I’m so tired of the world trying to sink to the lowest common denominater so that everyone’s “equal”.

Is it a bummer that some people can’t see – yes, for them. But lets not make the world suck for everyone just because some people have disabilities.

PC-ness is turning the whole world (or at least America) to shit. At one point we encouraged everyone to “be all you can be”. Now it’s be like everyone else, sheep are so much easier to manage then individuals that think/act/do for themselves.

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