Has Anyone Ever Managed To Claim On PayPal's Money Back Guarantee?

from the fine-print dept

I don’t use PayPal very often, so I never noticed that they have some sort of “money back guarantee” offer, where if you spend an additional 6% or so, they say they’ll guarantee your purchase. However, folks over at the Register started checking into the fine print and are wondering if anyone, ever, has received the money back guarantee. The article goes through a whole series of cases under which you are ineligible for the money back guarantee, which suggest that it is nearly impossible for you to ever get your money back. And, of course, in the end, it appears to be up to the sole discretion of PayPal as to whether or not they give you any money. While it’s nice to see them say they’re doing things to help prevent online fraud, it would be much nicer if they were upfront about the chances of you ever getting your money back. This doesn’t sound so much like a “money back guarantee” as it does a “if you complain and argue enough, under some very specific guidelines, we may give you some spare change to make you quiet down”. Of course (especially lately) the Register has been known to play fast and loose with some facts, so they may be exaggerating this story. I looked over the PayPal information on the money back guarantee, and it all seems to agree with the article, though.

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Comments on “Has Anyone Ever Managed To Claim On PayPal's Money Back Guarantee?”

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1 Comment
disgruntled paypal user (user link) says:

Don't Use PayPal's Money Back Guarantee

PayPal delayed forever, refused to give me upfront answers when I asked for a status report, and then denied my requests without explanation. When I complained, their refrain was “PayPal reserves the right to use its discretion…”

Do yourself a favor–stay away from PayPal’s phony guarantee.

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