File-Swapping Services, Entertainment Execs To Meet

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Last week news came out that some of the file-sharing services were looking to set up their own lobbying organization to try to make sure Congress understood the other side of the debate. This effort was being spearheaded by the folks behind Grokster. Meanwhile, the people behind Kazaa (who want so desperately to be accepted by the entertainment industry) have formed their own lobbying group – which appears to be made up of ex-entertainment industry insiders. It also appears that the group isn’t designed to lobby Congress, but to lobby the entertainment industry. The folks from the so-called Distributed Computing Industry Association are going to sit down with some entertainment execs to try to figure out a way to meet in the middle. Of course, knowing the way most entertainment execs think (you’ll remember they’re suing their customers, rather than admitting their business model is obsolete), the only result that will satisfy them is a totally neutered file sharing service, which completely defeats the purpose.

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Comments on “File-Swapping Services, Entertainment Execs To Meet”

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No Subject Given

Hasn’t this whole debate been interesting? I think so. Ever since Metallica made me want to never buy another records of theirs again, I have been closely following this. It seems to me that there are several avenues we can go down, and that after all thise time, the music industry just may be showing signs of coming around to our way of looking at things. I don’t think an industry loby is going to do much good in the short term. But in the long term, I think all of these efforts will be fruitful. Might even help the entertainment industry get cought up with the 21st century rather than trying to hold it back.

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