Putting All Your E-Mail In One Basket

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The majority of people I know now use either their own domain name or a free yahoo or hotmail email address as their main email for personal correspondence. However, many people prefer to use their work email address for personal emails. Most companies don’t have a problem with this (as long as it’s not abused, or used for sending porn), but it does bring up some other issues. First of all, what happens to the email address when you switch jobs. Increasingly, your email address is your identity – and if it goes away when you change jobs, it’s like a part of your life has been shut off. The other, perhaps bigger, issue is that most companies, these days, monitor their employees’ email. So, all those personal emails are not private at all, and may be read by the company’s IT staff or certain executives. I’m somewhat surprised that so many people use their corporate email accounts this way, since the risk of getting in trouble seems so much higher than the “cost” of getting a separate email account.

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Comments on “Putting All Your E-Mail In One Basket”

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dave says:

Re: email addrtesses

or for about $12 a year (or less sometimes) you can get your own domain name, and use one of the several free all-in-one DNS services out there to foward *@whatever.com to your current address (the one i use you can specify where certain addressed emails are fowarded to, and there is also a catchall), and the plus side to that, is you get your own domain, unlimited subdomains, and infinite email addresses. But I admit, it’s too much effort for most people, sometimes I just want my email to work, I don’t want to wait a few days for the DNS/MX servers to update.

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