Who Needs A Killer App For 3G?

I’ve spoken out before on my complaints with the idea of a “killer app”, so I’m always interested in what other people have to say on the subject. Here is a great analysis of some of the concept of the “killer app” for wireless. First, it points out that the only real killer app for wireless has been SMS text messaging – and no one expected that to happen. So, it suggests anyone take with a fairly large grain of salt any predictions over what the next killer app for wireless will be. The real issue, they think, is that most people just don’t understand what 3G does for them. It’s not necessarily an issue of finding the “killer app”, but letting customers know what 3G really is and what it can do for them. That means making the services both easy to use and easy to understand. Killer apps are few and far between, and a technology doesn’t necessarily need one to be a success.

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