Lack Of Internet Skills A Barrier To Progress At Work

from the so-keep-on-surfing dept

I would guess this really depends on what your job entails, but a new survey has found that many people who lack internet “skills” feel that it has held them back at work. There are plenty of jobs where I would assume it would be a requirement that you know how to use the internet, while there are plenty of others where it shouldn’t matter one way or the other. Also, I imagine this problem will begin to decrease over time as a new generation of workers shows up who were brought up on the internet. Of course, then we’ll find out that a lack of “mobile phone text messaging” or some other random tech skill will be holding people back at work. These are all skills that can be picked up with a little bit of effort. If people think they need them to advance in their job, isn’t it their responsibility to learn these skills? You make yourself employable by keeping up-to-date.

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