Vivato Raises $45M for Wi-Fi Switching

More evidence of venture capitalists slobbering over WiFi/wireless opportunities. Vivato, the makers of the heavily hyped WiFi switch that is supposed to cover fairly large areas with directed WiFi has now raised an additional $45 million. The recent venture capital dumps into the wireless space suggest that VCs are really starting to jump on the wireless bandwagon. They’ve been saying they’re interested for ages, but it’s the money that talks. The size of these investments is reminiscent of a few years ago, rather than the past few years. In the past few years, it seems, a startup that raised $10 million was really doing well. So, the recent $40+ million rounds suggest the floodgates may be opening. Since, historically, venture capitalists tend to do very similar investments, I imagine we’re going to see a few more similar investments in the wireless realm before too long. Update: Here’s another article talking about how VCs are bullish on WiFi.

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