Pope Moves Against Hackers… By Blocking Emails?

from the with-anti-virus-software? dept

It sounds like some people are a little confused about how the internet works, but the Vatican claims they have a special anti-virus team to protect the Pope’s website from being hacked. Of course, no where does it say they’re actually preventing the website from being hacked. Instead, it sounds like they’re just using some anti-virus technology to prevent emailed viruses. “Fortunately, up to now no-one has managed to penetrate the Pope’s site thanks to a highly efficient team of specialists charged with anti-virus protection who have always managed to block hackers’ emails” is the claim from the Vatican. It’s a bit unclear if they’re just stopping viruses – which are unlikely to just be targeted at the Vatican – or if they’re really doing something to stop hackers, and this particular spokesperson is confused between breaking into a website and sending an email.

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