Music Sharing Services To Start Lobby

from the got-play-by-the-DC-rules dept

Realizing that they’ve been consistently outmaneuvered on the lobbying front by the RIAA and the MPAA, the various online file sharing services are trying to put together their own lobbying organization to present their side of the story. It’s about time. Of course, the article gets a quote from the RIAA basically calling the whole bunch of them criminals. The only politician they quote happens to be Mary Bono, who is trying to get the RIAA top job herself, so it’s no surprise to hear her say, “if they start legitimizing piracy, they’re in for a fight.” Nice of her to keep an open mind. These companies are not trying to “legitimize piracy”. They’re trying to demonstrate that there are real benefits and legitimate uses to distributing content over a peer-to-peer network. It looks like the current copyright cartel has already brainwashed most of Congress, though, so who knows how effective this new lobbying organization will be.

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Comments on “Music Sharing Services To Start Lobby”

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Re: fight back

Good. I don’t think it’s in how persuasive they are. Rather in the amount of monkey the can throw at politicians to make the laws that they want made. Lobbying groups are simply there to bribe politicians. That’s never really been a secret. I just hope they can work up the capitol to sustain such a thing. The RIAA is very well funded.

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