Mobile Driving Ban In The UK

It’s looking like the UK may soon have a nationwide law banning “driving while yakking” on a mobile phone. Hands-free kits will apparently still be legal, but some are pushing to have those banned as well. It’s pretty clear that this is a trend that’s spreading rapidly. It won’t be long before it’s illegal in most places to use a mobile phone while driving.

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Comments on “Mobile Driving Ban In The UK”

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1 Comment
Derek Kerton (profile) says:

Driving Is Dangerous

Using a phone while driving is useful. It offers benefits. Sometimes, things that offer benefits also have associated costs. Society then need to decide if the benefits outweigh the costs. Despite the need for a cost-benefit analysis, we look at a cost only analysis when we make an automatic assumption that if phones increase the incidence of accidents, then they must be banned? If that were the case, we should just ban driving, because although autos offer us some mobility benefits, 100% of driving accidents occur while driving. Now THOSE are some damning statistics.

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