Hatch Bill Calls For Tougher Spam Penalties

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Just a few days after saying he wanted to be able to hack into and destroy the computers of anyone downloading music, Senator Hatch is sponsoring new legislation to punish spammers who hack into computers. Apparently, only he’s allowed to hack into someone else’s computer.

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Comments on “Hatch Bill Calls For Tougher Spam Penalties”

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Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Re: No Subject Given

There is a great Tom Clancy novel where a foreign pilot flies a fully fueled (but empty) passenger jet into the capitol building while Jack Ryan is being sworn in as V.P. The explosion and fire kill the president and most of the elected representatives in Washington D.C. and they have to replace a huge portion of the Senate and the House. Jack Ryan goes on the air and asks that the states send non-politician people to do the jobs.

Not that I would ever condone such an act, but that may be the only way we’re ever going to see a total revamping of the government.

Now – if someone can come up with a method that doesn’t involve the slaughter of thousands of people, let’s talk…

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