Bill Challenges ICANN, VeriSign

from the time-up? dept

Is Congress finally catching up to ICANN? The secretive organization, charged with “running the internet”, which recently kicked out all of its publicly elected members in favor of its own friends is now facing some pressure from Congress over a sweetheart deal they gave VeriSign last year. A new bill was introduced that would block that plan, and also begin investigations into ICANN’s business practices, while potentially stripping it of all real power. ICANN, the organization that went to court to try to stop its own board member from viewing its own records, has responded with this fairly astounding comment: “We welcome any kind of interest in ICANN because we are a transparent and accountable organization. Whether it’s the U.S. government or Belgium that wants to look at us, we welcome the interest. We post everything on our Web site.” So, they’re saying the information Karl Auerbach had to sue to get access to was available online the whole time? I doubt it.

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